FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) Back  What is the curriculum? College of Cosmetology uses the Pivot Point curriculum which is a scientifically based program which combines hands on work with book work, online access and exams. Pivot Point’s Mission Statement: “We are a global organization committed to the development and delivery of innovative, high-quality educational systems for the hair and beauty industry.  These systems empower individuals to maximize their potential and elevate the professionalism of the industry.  We pledge to continually set the standards of educational excellence worldwide.”                                                                                 www.pivot-point.com       What other types of training will I receive? At the College of Cosmetology, our focus is on YOUR SUCCESS, which means that you'll receive training in building a clientele, bookkeeping and accounting, salon management, people skills, salon success and retail services.          What types of extracurricular activities/events are available for the students? At COC we provide our students with many fun activities and events they can participate in. Such as in house full model competitions, dress-up days and helping with community events.