What does it cost to register? Registration is step one in the process of your training for your new career.  It is an indication of your commitment to our program and since our program is designed with your success in mind; your commitment and our commitment go hand in hand.  At the College of Cosmetology your registration money reduces your balance by $100.  At most institutions, a registration fee is required just to determine your acceptance in school, when you register with us, your acceptance has already been determined.   How much does Cosmetology school cost? Oregon Cosmetology schools with Cosmetology programs can cost between $15,000 and $25,000 or higher, depending on the area. The College of Cosmetology has a course cost range of between $7,500 and  $18,336 depending on the course you take. How can I afford school? The College of Cosmetology understands that pursuing any secondary Education costs money.  Take a moment however and look at what cost Really is…in order to effectively determine cost, one must look at what one is purchasing.  In the case of Cosmetology Training, you will be purchasing a CAREER, one with flexibility, independence, growth potential, financial security and a creative work environment.  When you factor in having a career that will last you for the rest of your life, the cost of Cosmetology training turns into quite a value.  Your training at the College of Cosmetology is an investment in your future!         FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) Back