How can you be a successful Cosmetologist? People Skills = 80% of your success o Marketing - Get the most out of marketing for your $ - Word of Mouth is best o Attendance - Be there and available for your clients, be flexible o Attitude - Make your clients feel welcome and valued with both verbal and nonverbal methods o Sales - This is the service industry, promoting yourself is just as important as promoting the products you use; In order for you to sell something to your client, they have to trust your judgment Technical Skills = 20% of your success o Know how and why your client wants their service o Be Consistent o Know the latest styles, designs and products o Constant Learning Did you know that in this industry you are a: Sales/Service Representative o You are selling your goods and services  Possible Business Owner o Whether booth rent or a salon owner it is Your business Counselor o Build lasting relationships with your clients- they will tell you their life stories, it’s your job to listen Artist o You will be constantly creating new shapes and designs using your clients as a canvas Scientist o Cosmetology is the study of cosmetics and everything associated with those cosmetics Artistic Can constantly learn new things Constantly changing Shows others your creativity Have many different types of medium for your artistic talents Art you can make money at People I like to make people feel better about themselves I like to Help people I like to be social and meet new people I can be flexible I can make your own schedule